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We are an information security consulting company with a mission to help our customers defend their information and data against current and emerging security threats. Our services are built on the foundation of of our combined skills and experience in the Information and IT security fields. Our consultants have been at the forefront of information security for many years and have been involved in introducing leading technologies and security services into the UK.

Key Services

Penetration Testing

Let our highly experienced testing consultants find the security gaps in your network and websites.

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Virtual Security Team

Keep on top of security compliance, best practices and technical strategy with Virtual Security Team

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Security Compliance

Manage compliance with information security laws and important industry regulations

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Latest Blog

What Is Bug Bounty Program and How Should I Set One Up

Nov 2019

What Is Bug Bounty Program and How Should I Set One Up?

A bug bounty program is a managed administrative mechanism for reporting bugs to organisations involved in software development.

What is a Firewall and do I Need One

Oct 2019

What is a Firewall and do I Need One?

If you are an executive, manager or business owner, you will have heard of firewalls and you probably think you need one,


Sep 2019

What is DNS over HTTPS and how will it affect me?

Recent announcements by both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, have put DNS privacy into the spotlight.

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