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How to secure your company’s email

Received wisdom regarding email security says – don’t trust email. Email is an unauthenticated, unreliable messaging service. The general advice was, and


Beware Covid-19 Scams

20 Sep 2020

Fraudsters and criminals are exploiting genuine fears about COVID-19 in order to prey on members of the public. Older and vulnerable people


Security Tips for Remote and Home Working

31 Jul 2020

Remote working and home working have been increasing gradually throughout the 21st century and, since the Covid-19 pandemic, remote working has become


Security Tips For Gmail Users

29 May 2020

Are you a Gmail user? When was the last time you took a look through the settings to make sure you are


Introduction to Web Application Security

17 Feb 2020

Web application security is, or should be, high on the agenda for any web-based business. The very nature of the Internet exposes


12 Smartphone Security Tips for 2020

24 Jan 2020

The proportion of smartphone use, and time spent online using a phone or tablet compared to a laptop or desktop PC continues


10 Cybersecurity tips for 2020

31 Dec 2020

1. Don’t underestimate the risks The cybersecurity landscape is continually changing.


What Is Bug Bounty Program and How Should I Set One Up?

25 Nov 2019

A bug bounty program is a managed administrative mechanism for reporting bugs to organisations involved in software development.


What is a Firewall and do I Need One?

31 Oct 2019

If you are an executive, manager or business owner, you will have heard of firewalls and you probably think you need one,


What is DNS over HTTPS and how will it affect me?

26 Sep 2019

Recent announcements by both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, have put DNS privacy into the spotlight.

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