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Anonymisation vs Pseudonymisation

30 Mar 2018

The privacy enhancing techniques of ‘anonymisation’ or ‘pseudonymisation’ of data are recognised by the GDPR and can


Cyber Security and GDPR

26 Feb 2018

A saying, especially appropriate for GDPR, states that “there is no privacy without security” (not necessarily vice versa).


Cloud Security Checklist

30 Jan 2018

Cloud computing is well on track to increase from $67B in 2015 to $162B in 2020 which is a compound annual growth


Cyber Security Management Trends for 2018

18 Dec 2017

According to our customers and security commentators here are some major trends that will be a feature of Cyber Security


Is Encryption Mandatory for GDPR Compliance?

6 Nov 2017

Most people in the Information Security/Data Governance world at the moment are consumed with the


Do You Need Penetration Test for the GDPR?

18 Oct 2017

Do you need penetration test to comply with GDPR? The GDPR requires that you assess applications and critical


Security Requirements of the GDPR

29 Sep 2017

The GDPR requires that “Taking into account the state of the art, the costs of implementation and the nature


The Latest Trends in BYOD

24 Aug 2017

BYOD policies have become a common fixture, particularly in larger organisations, and seem set to stay.


GDPR – Is the World Ready for the Next Chapter in Data Protection

20 Jul 2017

Next year (2018) on the May 25th, the General Data Protection


Penetration Testing Tools for Small Business

20 Jun 2017

Cyber-criminals unfortunately continue to up the ante of their attacks and in many ways, are adapting faster than the good guys

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