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GDPR – Is the World Ready for the Next Chapter in Data Protection

20 Jul 2017

Next year (2018) on the May 25th, the General Data Protection


Penetration Testing Tools for Small Business

20 Jun 2017

Cyber-criminals unfortunately continue to up the ante of their attacks and in many ways, are adapting faster than the good guys


Is Azure More Secure Than AWS

22 May 2017

The move to cloud continues to grow at pace, with most IT departments looking at Azure and AWS as the two the main


What Is DevSecOps And Do I Need It

19 Apr 2017

As new security threats continue to emerge, it can be a challenge to stay on top. In an agile environment


IT Directors Introduction to Microsoft Azure Security

24 Mar 2017

Concerns about cloud security are not likely to diminish anytime


Six Steps to Securing the Cloud

3 Mar 2017

The lack of an ‘edge’ that clearly defines the cloud environment that your organisation is considering sending your data to, can


Data Protection – GDPR Checklist

10 Feb 2017

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that, by 2018, any company that wishes to do business in the EU, will need


2016 Cyber Security Trends Summary

31 Jan 2017

The majority of UK businesses now recognise the importance of cyber security. This, in part, has been driven by the fact that


Ten Basic Network Security Recommendations

9 Jan 2017

Krypsys experts offer advice on a daily basis to network administrators so that they can better secure their companies’


New Password Rules from NIST

20 Dec 2016

As things stand, passwords are still the cornerstone of user security. But, with so many passwords to think up and remember

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