Next Generation Firewalls

Next Generation Firewalls

Network Firewalls are the cornerstone of any networks security system and provide the first line of defense for many organisations.

As such there are a wide variety of firewalls to choose from that fit a range of budgets. They vary from simple packet filters through to Next Generation firewalls that are able to decipher and inspect traffic from a variety of sources and applications. It will need to weather constant attacks and probes but also allow users the freedom and access they require to do their jobs.

Important considerations:

Can it provide Layer 7 application awareness
Virtual private network capabilities for remote users and offices
Independent Lab certification from a trusted 3rd party (ICSA or NSS)
Has it been tested for Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs)
Does it scale when all its features are active

We provide independent advice and recommendations on the right network firewall for your organisation based on your budget, requirements and our knowledge of the network firewall market.

Please contact us for information about next generation firewalls.

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