Virtual Security Team

Virtual Security Team

There are now many aspects to Information Security to take into account when running a business from compliance requirements, advice on best practices and technical assistance.

If you are like an increasing number of companies that struggle to keep up with the pace of change and do not have the resources or the budget to employ the security expertise you require, then a virtual security team may be the answer. Virtual team integrates with your existing operation  and provides specific security skills, knowledge and experience which compliments your existing abilities.

The following professional services can be included:

– Security Assessments
– Independent product advice
– Product benchmarking
– Guidance on best practice
– Tailored security services
– Project Management
– On-site or remote assistance
– Technical delivery
– Compliance consulting

Vendor maintenance and support are ideal solutions to ensure that you get the best on-going value from equipment and technical solutions. However, help-desk support is reactive and designed to deal with published functionality and does not cross product boundaries. What you may really need is occasional, proactive, hands-on expertise or advice and guidance on your over-all approach to information security management? The kind of input you would get from a trusted member of your team but you don’t have access to a full-time security specialist. This is where the skills-on-demand approach provided by KRYPSYS Virtual Security Team can fill the gap.

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